• Abbey Road

  • The Amazon

  • Stonehenge

  • Nasca Lines

  • Bay of Fundy

  • Beaumaris Castle

  • Tarapoto

  • Wales

  • La Paz, Bolivia

  • Homer, Alaska

  • Peru

  • Santa Rosa, Colombia

Chamonix, France

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Chamonix, if you don’t know, is a very ski resorty town. Due to it’s location in the Alps that’s easy to understand. It’s not too cold this time of year here, it was about 29°F today. The adventure of this … Continued

The Alps.

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Ever since we started planning this trip I’ve been excited for the Alps as I absolutely love mountains and their scenery. When we first started to get into the foothills of the Alps in France I started looking at which … Continued


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Regardless of the cold, Amsterdam was quite nice. It was mostly sunny for the three days we were there. One thing I loved about Amsterdam is how big on bikes it was. We biked everywhere in Amsterdam, and there was … Continued

The Black Market

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In Mexico City, they are black markets where they sell counterfeit items, such as fake Raybans and Dr. Dre headphones, along with other stuff. People have to be careful when selling counterfeit items, as the police patrol almost everywhere. They … Continued

Mexico City

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Mexico City was originally built by the Aztecs in 1325 on an island they made in Lake Texcoco. They made the island by dumping soil into the lake till an island was formed. The city was called Tenochtitlan by the Aztecs until … Continued

From Fairbanks to Tampa

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This trip we are going to Mexico City for a month, then flying back to the UK for a couple of months, where we’ll pick up our camper. When we left, there were two flights to Seattle, one at 11:30 … Continued

Preparing to Leave

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  When you’re preparing to leave the country or state, you should do a lot of research into your destination. For example; when I first went to South America, I knew nothing about it. I thought it would like it … Continued

April 21st

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The trip is drawing to a close. We have spent the last couple of weeks in Dublin, while my mother flew home to go to a work meeting. While she was gone, Jack and I participated in a treasure hunt … Continued

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