Sylvia — Divercity!!

Yesterday I went to Reversity and it was really fun.  We took a combi and then we got dropped off.  It was a really long ride.  We were dropped off on the highway and we crossed the street on a really long walking bridge and we got to the children’s museum and they were closed for lunch.  We went to Burger King!  I got a cheese burger.  The last time I went to Burger King was a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago, I think on the last trip.  That was three years ago.  I haven’t had a cheeseburger since Alaska.  Except for those ones dad made in Chile when he and mom went on a date night at the oyster restaurant.

The first thing that happened was we got our cards – wait! we didn’t get our cards, we got a map. We went in and we got these watches that scan you in.  We had to put our watches on these hand things so we could go in to different things, like be a model or deliver propane.  This was a like a children’s museum but it had fake jobs, like a grocery store, a restaurant, a cooking school where we made these crackers and you can eat them.  They are real.  They had a hospital where you could be a doctor (editors note: this was the library and Sylvia did not go work at the hospital) but you didn’t really do much but draw and then you get an eraser.  It was a pink heart.  You get fake money for working at the stores.  You put the money into your bank account.  I had an ATM card.  We used the money for buying stuff.  We didn’t really buy STUFF but we got makeovers and that cost money.  It cost about 40 bucks for the whole thing, I go my nails painted and my hair done and my eyes done.  My nails were orange and pink.  My eyes were blue with sparkles on them.  I went to the propane station.  This is where you drive around in a truck and pick up and deliver propane, basically fill them up with gas.

We went to the model thing, me and Annabelle.  The model thing is where you dress up and change and me and Annabelle both got black hats but we didn’t have the same pants.  I had totally dressed in black pants.  We did not put a shirt on we kept our shirts on and put black jackets on.  Once we were totally dressed I went out on the thing, the thing people walk on that’s like a line and goes to a circle and then goes another way.  People were in the audience watching me like dad and this other girl’s father.  Annabelle wore the same thing as me but different pants.  There was a girl who worked there that kind of speaks English and they all got my name wrong like Sophia until finally at the library they got my name right.  The girl that worked there helped us pose.  We posed and posed and posed.  After I left there, I went to see if Cocacola was done because i wanted to get a coke.  They were not done so I went to the toilet paper factory.  They showed us what it is made of. It is made out of trees and then they turn it white.  Then I went to Cocacola.  They show you how make coke.  They fill the bottles up with sugar and water and I don’t know what the brown stuff is I think its cocoa and they mix it up.  We got our own bottle!  I went to work at the gas station with Max.  You fill up the cars.  Annabelle was not there she had to go through a HUGE driving test.  At the library I read books.  I read a creature book, I mean a monster book and a book about a train.  At the end of the day when I left the children’s museum I got cotton candy and Max and Annie got cookies.  Annie got chocolate chip and Max got oreos.  Jack and Jennah were waiting for us outside and we went through all these lights at the mall, lights on the ground, lights in the fountains, lights everywhere!  Then I got to mom.  I had my cotton candy.  Wait!  I still have it now!.  We went home on the bus.  We had to walk far to the bus station.  The bus was really crowded.  I sat on mom’s lap and someone gave us their seat.

The very best thing was the modeling.  And the makeover.

***Editors note:  We went to Divercity which as over 60 fake but real places kids can work like the Tottus (grocery store), propane delivery, gas station, hospital, hair salon… Kids get an electronic bracelet so you can go to computers all over the place and scan your bracelet and see the location of all your kids at any time.  They get paid fake money and have a fake ATM card and can deposit and withdraw and pay for services.  Annnabelle got a driver’s license.  It was pretty cool.

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