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Louisiana is a very pretty state. It’s full of cypress trees and bayous. We got into Louisiana and stopped at a town that we once visited a long time ago, the town of Eunice. Last time we were around these parts we stayed in a R.V park called Lake View. Anyway, last time we were there we saw a band perform at an old theater. Coincidentally, the same band was performing at the R.V park (they have a dance barn) and tickets were only five dollars. Mother, Ryan, dad, and I all went to the barn dance and listened to music stuff.  The next day we blazed out of Eunice and headed towards New Orleans.
New Orleans improved a lot since I was last there. The city seemed cleaner and was just less gritty. While at New Orleans we toured Loyola University. The tour was rather long and painful due to the lame ish tour guide but Loyola still seemed nice. After our tour we drove around the city a tad bit. As I said before the city looks a lot nicer than two years ago, it took them a while to recover.
The next day we left the city of New Orleans and headed towards some friends we have in Mississippi.  We stopped for lunch at this restaurant that had po boys and other New Orleans stuff. We made it into Mississippi and went to our friends estate. After talking for a few hours with him, we went to the guest house and crashed for the night. We woke up the next morning and looked at flowers before going out to eat at a local Waffle House. Everyone Knew Mr. Richard’s name at the Waffle House so that was pretty cool. After Waffle House we headed towards Florida and that’s about it.
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