April 21st

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The trip is drawing to a close. We have spent the last couple of weeks in Dublin, while my mother flew home to go to a work meeting. While she was gone, Jack and I participated in a treasure hunt around Dublin to win tickets to meet Macklemore. We won them just before someone else got there, and took a bus from Galway to Dublin last Sunday to meet him. It was a little bit of a disappointment, a very short moment. We waited in line for half an hour, went through for a picture and a signing and didn’t even speak to him, but we do have an autograph, which is pretty neat.
We stayed in Dublin all day. After the meet and greet we walked to the concert where he was performing that night, hoping we could get in, but we weren’t successful, so we had some sad pints at our favorite Dublin bar, Toners.
Galway was pretty. It was less urban than Dublin, with a big walking street full of pubs and bars with tents and patios. The drinks were very expensive though. After Galway, we went up the coast to the north west. There were a lot of cliff beaches and sheep. We visited Knock, which was a very religious place, and went to the basilica there, then headed to Siego. It’s very warm and sunny here, practically summer in Alaska terms. Today we are camped next to a beach. Jack and I explored the caves around the cliffs, though we couldn’t spend long there because the tide was coming in and we almost got trapped on the rocks.

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