Away from Puno – Jack

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We left Puno a couple of days ago. I really liked Puno. We drove for days over the cold plateaus until we got into a cold desert plateau then we descended into a hot desert with a city. Mom had to work so we stopped at this city for a day or so. The town was nice. Father and I took the children to a park where a fluffy evil alpaca roamed wild. At first the alpaca was a fun loving, sweet animal but once you approached it, it would start to hiss and chase after you. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an alpaca run but they run really, really fast. It cornered Annabelle and almost ate her but she managed to scare it away with her screams. After Annabelle it went after Sylvia and almost trampled her, it was then that the park lady threw a rock at the alpaca and gave us a stick to beat it with. The park lady then followed the alpaca and threw more rocks at it until it laid down and hid. Nothing exciting happened after that. We went to the market and bought bread. It’s really hot outside. The sand burns your feet and the sky burns your body. I have to shed my clothes at night again or else my bed gets wet with sweat and I die of dehydration. We’re going to be in Chile tomorrow. I’m really excited about Chile. After Chile we’re going deep into Argentina. I’m really excited about Argentina. Chile’s going to take all of our vegetables away.
The day before we left Puno I bought myself an instrument called a Mama Quena. It’s just like a quena, only super big. It’s like all bass and I can kind of play it now. I’m going to stop writing for a little bit because I’m in my bed and it’s really hot and making me sweat again.
I’m back. Sylvia’s peeling potatoes and the space in between my fingers is sticky. In Puno they have stores that sell pirated movies and software so I now have about fifteen movies to watch. Most of them make me feel bad though. I haven’t watched the movie Ninja Assassin yet and I probably never will because just looking at the cover makes me scared. I also have all of Adobe now. I’m pretty proud of my CD collection. I also have multiple CDs full of Latin American Samba music. I’m over heating again so I’m going to go. We don’t think that Chile has Inca Cola.
This is over, good bye.

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  1. Kay DeCorso

    Wow Jack, the MamaQuena looks beautiful! I just listened on youtube to a Peruvian player and was lovely. Beautiful sound and you should have much pleasure playing it. Glad to hear you will be going to Argentina and not Bolivia. Thanks for posting such a wonderful blog!

  2. Ted DeCorso

    Hey Jack, Maybe you can bring back an alpaca!! Well, maybe not such a good idea. Much better the MamaQuena. It will be fun to hear what that sounds like. I should check out the youtube site that Grandma Kay found.
    Great post! Lots of fun reading….

    Grandpa Ted

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