Back in Peru

We’re back in Peru.

A little of a let down after being in Chile for so long. No more clean places and such.

The first day here was spent getting comfortable and helping Mother, Ryan and Jack to get ready to go to La Paz.

The next couple of days were spent recouporating from our airport shanigan.

It was all very chilled and Dad went out to get hotdogs. We cooked them about was about to eat them when we made the startling discovery that the hotdogs were wrapped in plastic wrappers.

Ah, Peru.

So father used a butter knife and attempted to scrooge the hotdog out in little clumps until we had a big plate of shredded hotdog and made sandwiches.

Luckily, the adjoining nights were better.

The pool has been getting used frequently. Sylvia seems to enjoy getting out, taking a shower and getting dressed then deciding to get back in.

Yesterday we checked out the beach and discovered that it was at the bottom of a cliff/steep hill. There were locked gates and such so we have yet to go there.

We explored the neighborhood a bit, walking about a mile to the nearest ATM.  It was pretty much the same; restaurants, one fancy restaurant and a barren strip of dirt between the roads. How pretty and photogenic it was.

Ryan, Jack and mother got back last night and brought me a wonderful leather jacket. It wasn’t the original one they had shown me, which was garishly red and has a horrible fur collar. It was apparently a joke. Ha. Ha.

They also brought back several bars of Bolivian chocolate, which was quite delicious, some oven mitts that father got endlessly excited over and other things.

Now that they are back, I’m sure adventures shall start soon…


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