Shipping our van and camper around the Darien Gap

We just booked our vehicle and camper trailer out of Port Everglades to Cartagena on December 8 for less than any of the quotes we got from Panama or Costa Rica.  This is a *new* route line for SCline (because of the Colombia – USA trade agreement) and I wanted to share what we found.  The email quote and the contacts are below.  The rate we got was $6000 for BOTH vehicles (all fees in USA included + an estimated $300 in fees in Colombia) — and our vehicles are HUGE (sizes in the email).  The rate is $60 a cubic meter plus fees.  We were able to call the Miami office and speak to a very, very helpful person who answered all of our questions about what we could have in the van and camper (everything) and how safe it would be (he said they seal it here and unseal it in the presence of their agent in Cartagena so atleast it seems somewhat safer than what the Panama office told us —  we can update that when we get to Cartagena).

We found this by googling “RORO Cartagena Jacksonville” .  They ship out of Houston as well.  Here are some of the links we found on the new shipping line:…

One other great thing about shipping out of Port Everglades: we got $100 one way tickets to Cartagena out of Fort Lauderdale on Spirit Airlines.  We saved over $4000 over the Panama – Cartagena option we were planning on and it enables us to spend more time in South America.


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  1. Errol Young


    Thanks so much for this information! I have been searching for options to do my South American drive and this may be the better solution than driving through Mexico and Central America since I have limited time 🙂

    All the best,