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We were driving to Cusco.  The road had lots of hills and turns and we were mostly going uphill, we made it to 15,000 feet.  We saw alpacas and chinchillas and llamas.  We were driving down the road and we made it this town called Abancay and there was a huge parade going on!  We were stuck behind a truck because the parade was going on and the truck couldn’t move.  We were stuck there for a long time.  We got out and walked around. The parade was very big, there were dancers that also sang, they were dressed in skirts and blouses and shawls that were in all different colors like red, blue, pink and orange.  There were floats and there were people playing flute and drums and guitars.  People were throwing water balloons and spraying foam at everybody.  A water balloon hit Sylvia!  There were people on top of buildings that were dumping water on you.  We went and camped at a restuant.  Dad, Ryan and I went to town to get some money.  We walked over a mile and then we got a combi which is a big van like a bus that took us to a street and a couple got off and showed us where the bank was.  We walked down the street and people threw water balloons and sprayed foam all over us!  Dad got money from the ATM so we headed to look for water.  We bought a box of water and while Ryan was carrying it someone sprayed him all over with foam!  We bought eggs and toothpaste.  We were looking for a taxi but no one knew where the restaurant we were going to go to was but finally the third taxi knew where it was.  We were driving and he told us there was going to be another parade tomorrow and I wanted to stay here for the parade.  He dropped us off and we got back in to the camper and I told mom about our day.  She told us that the lady who worked at the restaurant was making dinner for us so me, Max, mom, dad and Jack went to the restaurant.  Jennah, Ryan and Sylvia stayed in the camper.  What we had for dinner was chicken, pasta and potatoes and to drink we had cocacola.  She gave us cocoa tea.  Mom went and got Ryan to try the cocoa tea.  I went back to the camper with Max and Ryan and dad stayed at the restaurant and talked and drank cocoa tea.  It was a fun day.

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  1. Kay DeCorso

    Good for you Annie! Sounds like you had a fun day!! Love, Grandm Kay

  2. The parade sounded nice. It must have been fun to get the water and foam sprayed at you. Nice to hear how you are enjoying the trip.

    Hugs. (())

  3. Hello, interesting trip! 🙂 I miss you.

  4. What an exciting day! I love the parade pic.

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