Cartagena – Jennah

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Father is now here. He arrived on Saturday. Most of Saturday and Sunday we spent lounging around the hotel, with brief excursions into the heat. We had shishkabobs for dinner one night. They were really good, and the same guy also sold these things that were stuffed with chorizo, cheese and a unidentified meat. I didn’t like those as much as the shishkabobs. The first night we were here we discovered a bread store that was right around the corner of our hotel that sold delicious bread. Some of it has cheese stuffed inside it and then covered in cheese on the outside. They also have bread covered in sugar and the like.

Another food cart that we ate from had these banana shaped things that were filled with potato like things, but Mother said it was probably plantain. Yesterday Ryan and Mother went out for a vegan lunch. After they came back all of us went out. We meandered around, and stopped at a grocery store, where we got cookies and apple soda, which was… interesting. It started to get dark, so we headed back to the hotel around six. After that, Ryan and Dad headed out alone to get food alone. They came back with these little dough things filled with egg and cheese. I opted for having a bologna sandwich instead. There were various grocery stores around and Saturday night we bought bologna and bread to make sandwiches.

Today Dad left to go deal with the trailer and van stuff, since it’s ship arrived today. Mother thinks we’ll leave tomorrow.

Our hotel room(s) are small, with white walls. There’s a bunk bed in the corner, and the top bunk is right under the air conditioner, so it’s really cold at night. There’s a big bed where Dad/Mom sleep, and then a little bed that can slide underneath their bed, which is where I usually sleep. Though last night, I got to sleep in the bunk. Score! The bathroom is small, and the shower is situated between the toilet and sink, so it’s kind of hard to shower.
Jack and Ryan’s room had two beds of equal size, and their bathroom is actually seperated with a curtain. One day, the maids rearranged the sheet on the beds so it was shaped like a bow.

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