Castles, Christmas Fairs, Rain and Dr Who

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Castles here are very interesting. They are quite fun and I had quite a fun time in them. But some parts are quite sad like war fields and battles and towers where people died. In one castle there was a display made completely out of thin wood and it looked like a merry-go-round and it told the story of a little Spanish Princess who married at age 11 to a 13 year old prince to soon become the Queen of Wales.  At 13 she had a baby and at 15 she had another child that died at birth. She had 16 babies but only 6 lived. She came from Spain, a sunny place, to Wales, a dark stormy rainy every day place where the sun only comes out for 30 minutes a day and mostly it is just dark and if you were on the top of a castle, you would be blown away by the wind. She had a baby when she was age 20 and she was under house arrest when she was pregnant with her child and she had her child in prison and the baby died at 8 months old. That is pretty sad. At two of the castles, there was this game where you had to try to find stuff and you got a pin or stickers at the end, that was fun. In Wales, it was dark and windy almost all the time, There was only a few minutes of sunlight. The weather was rainy and dreary. It was mostly cloudy and rainy and if it was not cloudy, it was drenching rain like buckets being dumped on your head. We stopped at the store a long time ago and got nice rain jackets and a few days ago I got there really nice shoes that are like tennis shoes but waterproof and they match my rain jacket exactly. The wind is really windy here. We went to one castle when it was really windy. It was Harlech Castle. There was this one spot that if you went there you nearly got forced back. My dad took a video and it looks like my sister got blown away. My two brothers unzipped their jackets and the wind was blowing and it looked like a big giant marshmallow. We went into a hole that was sort of sealed off and it was dark. Every castle we went to had ancient toilets. They were big pits that leaded out into the moat. You sat on it.


We went to these Christmas Fairs that were really cool, they have ton of lights at them. We went to one that was where the book Alice in Wonderland was created. I bought a bag of chocolate there that was really good. It had a few long tents that were filled with tiny shops and there was a lot of cheese tasting. I liked that. Outside this church there was this guy who owned five or six owls. One was tiny and cute, I think it was an elf owl – could not have been one from the desert because it would be freezing cold. It’s freezing cold here. It’s warmer than Alaska but it is not warm.



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We went to a Christmas fair in Cardiff and it was so windy that there were garbage cans of broken umbrellas and broken umbrellas on the ground everywhere. They were broken because it was so windy there. It was pouring rain. And then we went into a store and got an Advent calendar.












My mom & dad said they were going to give us a big surprise. They took me to a museum of my favorite tv show, DR WHO!
There was a museum and first you got to walk through an experience that made it felt like you were on the TV show itself. At the end, we got to go to a museum that had the real clothes from the show like the Doctor’s clothes, he was the main character in the show and he regenerated, and his companions, I remember everyone of them. The first one was named Rose. The very best thing was that we got to go there. It was really cool.

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