Blog Post from Ryan

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  Posted on April 8, 2013   I was just about to work on writing a new blog post, when I realized that I had forgotten to upload the last post I wrote. That leaves nearly a month long gap. For … Continued

Southern Colombia — Ryan

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  Posted on January 4, 2013   This is a back-dated post. I originally wrote several days ago while we were in Popayan and added to it for several days since I didn’t have internet. I’m in Otavalo, Ecuador right now, … Continued

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

posted in: Posts - Ryan | 0 I’m in Whitehorse right now. It’s icy out, we’ve been in an ice storm since we crossed the border, but it seems to have let up today. I’m in a Tim Horton’s (the one on second avenue if anyone … Continued

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

posted in: About us, Posts - Ryan | 0 Writing this post on a bus after touring Simon Fraser University. Ended up getting stuck in the middle of an articulated bus. Spent all day yesterday in Vancouver, had a great time. Food is the same price in a … Continued

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