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Today I went to a restaurant that sells chicken and french fries.  I don’t eat chicken.  I do eat french fries!  We walked to the store and bought cookies and truffles.  Truffles are candies that are coffee flavored and have nut-things in them.  The town we are in was great because it had a park and it had a church and a statue.  I got a balloon on the way back.  Annabelle got three balloons.  The balloons were for valentine’s day.  I got popcorn.  It was bad.  I got the popcorn from a cart on the side of the street.  It was a little bit burnt. After I got the popcorn we went to the restaurant.  It had a spinning thing.  Me and Max and Annabelle went on the spinning thing. It went around in circles.  Then we had to leave.

Me after eating bad tasting popcorn


Me and Annabelle on the Spinning Thing

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  1. Linda ( Brenda's sister )

    Sorry about the bad popcorn, I hope you are feeling better.

  2. Linda ( Brenda's sister )

    Maybe popcorn and spinning things don’t go to well together!

  3. Hey! I like burnt popcorn!

  4. There’s nothing worse than bad popcorn! Popcorn is my second favorite food (after lobster).

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