Christmas in Edinburgh

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We got to Edinburgh on 22nd. We stayed at a park and ride outside of Edinburgh for a day. Ryan,  was coming in later.
When we were in Edinburgh the first time everything was cool. This was different. There was a giant Christmas fair all around the park and there were rides. THERE WAS SWINGS THAT WERE 200 FEET TALL!


I had to go on that.
Anyway we walked around a while and then came to a square where a different Christmas fair was.
Sylvia and Jack went ice skating.  It started raining so bad and it got cold.
We went back to the camper.

The next day Ryan came. We went to a camper park early in the morning and we were gonna spend Christmas there. Jack, Jennah, Max, Sylvia and I stayed in the camper most of the day. But then dad came back and told everyone to get ready because he was taking us to town. Then he realized he left mom’s phone in the bus and totally freaked out. But everything was okay we found the phone but we had to wait til tomorrow to get it. Dad stayed behind at the camper and we left on the bus.
When we got to town we met up with mom and Ryan. Ryan was tired so he went back to the camper.
It was a perfect night to ride the swings but dad wasn’t there so we didn’t.
We bought some presents and went back to the camper. The next day was Christmas eve. We stayed in the camper all day. At night mom put some sort of “sleepy thing” in my tea… I prefer to look at it like she drugged my tea. Anyway I fell asleep and got woken up by Sylvia. After opening presents we went for a walk. That was ny whole Christmas day.
The next day we went to town. AND YESSS I FINALLY GOT TO RIDE THE SWINGS!!! I went with Max and my dad. It was awesome.  Except when Max kept talking about how we could die. But otherwise it was the best!
When we got off we took a bus home. Edinburgh is so great I loved it at Christmas!

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