Coco Tea and Mars

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with chewing coco leaves. We bought a large bag of dried coco leaves and the only change I can detect from chewing them is the slight numbing of the mouth. I myself rather enjoy the numbing of the mouth. It reminds me of my time spent at the dentist and the dentist office is my happy land. The drills on my teeth sound like dubstep and the numbing of my mouth makes me feel like a super hero. If I could change one thing about the world it would be total legalization of coco leaves. Now I’m not saying that I’m pro cocaine, in fact, I am far from being pro cocaine and there is hardly any cocaine per leaf. The drinking of coco tea and the chewing of coco leaves is fabulous and it is my dream to share my joy with the whole world. I believe that if coco leaves were legal everywhere, there would be world peace. Heck we’d probably have a colony on Mars if coco leaves were legal. Our colony on Mars would be completely fueled by coco leaves and beans. They would drink coco tea out of bowls and cups carved from coco beans. It would be beautiful but since the world lives in fear of drugs we can’t have our coco powered Marcian habitat. The beautiful thing about coco leaves and beans is that they probably have chemicals inside them that make you a more empathetic and sympathetic person. In that thinking, coco tea could cure our sociopaths and make the world a bit more understanding and pleasant.  If only we could experiment with these amazingly powerful tree extensions. A

nyways. The other day we visited the Nazca lines and gazed upon these magical tracks of dark rocks. not many shapes were visible from the small tower we climbed. You could make out one formation called The Hand and a few others. The hand looked like a giant hand carved into the desert floor and I have reason to believe that it was the Nazca peoples idea to make it look like a giant hand. There was also one called The Tree but it really didn’t look that much like a tree. More like a bunch squiggly lines next to each other. It was pretty cool actually. I really don’t know what could have inspired them to make these shapes other than aliens. If you were in a barren desert would you walk over the hot, sharp rocks so you can rearrange more hot rocks for nothing? Probably not and that leaves only one possible answer to the mystery of the Nazca lines: Aliens. The lines were clearly set up to display animals they viewed as sacred to the sky. After time their creativity and skill evolved (probably it was actually aliens who did this) and soon they were carving extremely complex geometric shapes into the ground. My favorite figure is this one called The Astronaut and it’s clearly an alien waving because it was then when the aliens had completed whatever they came to the Nazca Desert to do and left. You guys should research aliens in history because they’re really everywhere.
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  1. Aliens everywhere Jack? Maybe there’s more drugs in those coco leaves than you thought! Just say no!!

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