Day 1 in Portland by Jennah

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Today we explored Portland.  My mother, Annabelle, and Sylvia went to a zoo while my father, Max, Jack and I walked through the streets of downtown Portland. We dropped the zoo group off at the zoo, and then boarded a train to take us downtown. When we arrived at our destination it started to hail. We, unfortunately, had no umbrella (thanks, Dad) so we were forced to suffer in the icy downpour. Luckily, we managed to find shelter in a fancy mall that was conveniently on the street corner. Upon entering it, I saw a delightful store full of fancy pens. The nicest one was a bargain, only five hundred dollars! After that, Jack attempted to lose us in an escalator, which kind of failed. Jack then decided that he was in need of a suit, and thought that they might have suits in ‘Forever 21’, of which he was sadly mistaken. After departing the mall, it had stopped raining, and some sun was poking out, so we just meandered the streets by foot. We came across a bakery, and Jack went in for some bread. Dad said it would be really expensive, but soon Jack came out with the most delicious bread my taste buds had ever tasted for only seventy five cents. We bought two of the small loaves and ripped it in half. We went to the Powell Bookstore, which was huge. There was a ‘Rare Books’ section, and Jack went in there. I followed him. Dad then called him, causing his phone to blare “Kiss” by Prince in the library like shelves. It was quite amusing.

We met up with Mom, and Jack took her to “UnderUforMen,” a men’s underwear store. There were mannequins that turned out to be a real guy; Jack got his picture taken with him. About five minutes later Jack came out with a “crotch hugger,” underwear.

We got food at the food carts. I got Chicken Potstickers, despite the fact I am vegetarian, as I wanted to try it. I almost caught a pigeon, but mother dearest went back on her promise that I could keep it. Sob. Sob.

We headed home, and saw a magnificent double rainbow arching across the sky. When we got to trailer, I walked Louie, and Jack gave me Trek to hold while he did whatever he was doing. I accidently got horrifically tangled up like in movies. After, we went for a swim in the heated outside pool.

And so ends Day 1 in Portland.



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  1. Autumn Baolugh

    Sounds like an adventurer! When you went to the pen store did you buy any cool fancy pens?

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