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After leaving Boise, we headed down the road towards Colorado.   The drive through Idaho was slow and uneventful but when we got to Wyoming, everything changed.  On our way through Wyoming, we encountered a blizzard that we had to drive though — a rather hardcore blizzard.  Our route was stopped a few times because of accidents made by truckers late at night.  We finally made it to a packed truck stop and decided it seemed like a decent place to stay, so we established our camp thing and went to sleep.  Unfortunately the roads were blocked the next day by yet more accidents from truckers and we had to stay at the truck stop for a few more hours.  When the roads cleared up a little, we headed out and went towards Denver, Colorado.

I like Denver.  Denver had a pretty downtown area and it was located in what seemed to be a pleasant location for living.  I didn’t spend too much time in Denver today; mostly we just drove.  We picked up my aunt and her husband and went to Boulder where I got to spend a while at.  Boulder was really nice, I only really went to the mall thing so I can’t really judge it that much but I still liked it.  I found a vintage clothes store which I browsed and almost spent all of my money at.  I also found a wonderful tea store and a really cool candy store.  After our Boulder exposure, we went back to our trailer and ate pizza.

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