Denver Part 1 — Jennah

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Yesterday we arrived in Denver. It was quite chilly out, and we arrived late. The next morning we had to get up hideously early, since Ryan had a test. After dropping him off, we went to Benny’s, a Tex-Mex breakfast restaurant. It was really good. After that we frolicked in the park for a while, and then picked Ryan up, and headed to see Aunt Rebecca. We then went to Boulder with them and perused the many idyllic boutiques. After that, we got pizza at Little Caesar’s, since it was pizza night, and then headed back to the trailer. Ryan said that the campground was covered in fire ants, so naturally I was cautious as I walked the dogs. After eating, Mother and Father dearest went out on some sort of gathering thing, leaving my sibs and I alone. It was mostly peaceful, and my younger sibs watched Barbie. Even Max, who said it was a, and I quote : Pretty wonderful movie.After that it was pretty much chillaxing time. Tomorrow will be exploration of the mile high city.


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  1. Jennah, You made my day! You are a clever writer and I love your adjectives!

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