Does the Easter Bunny travel through the Atacama desert?

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Yes, in fact, the Easter Bunny does!  The Easter Bunny arrived with chocolate bunnies, baskets and small gifts and clues.  Easter morning was spent in the Atacama fog, a thick fog that burns off by midday.  In the Atacama, they collect water from the fog on huge polypropylene nets for drinking water and call themselves “fog catchers” – bet you didn’t know that!

Desert fog rolling in
There is the blue van and camper parked in our Easter camping spot!


Max & Annie figure out an Easter clue!
Sylvia got beads in her basket!

After everyone found all their clues and their baskets, we walked along the beach for awhile.  We camped where there were a lot of seashells – giant limpits, moon snails, periwinkles, spiny jewel boxes and olives.

Max and Annabelle at beach on Easter morning


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  1. Alejandra Pavez Luna

    Like I told you I will be following you guys in this spectacular journey. I hope you find great and new adventures to tell. I`m enjoing the postings and reading every time I can. I hope you take the road back to Copiapo and see you guys again.
    Love from Copiapo.
    Your friends.
    Alejandra y Daniel.

  2. Kay DeCorso

    Fantastic photos! Love seeing the kids doing the “E. Bunny tradition” of their
    Grandpa’s! Cutest kids in the world in these photos. Thanks for posting : )

  3. The rocky coastline is beautiful! Wish I were there!

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