Final thoughts on Portland

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Mark and I went to hear Johnnie Ward’s Sharkskin Revue performs @ Mock Crest Tavern – this band plays blues, swing & jazz, featuring Portland blues legend Johnnie Ward, who is a Muddy Award winner.  And best of all, my old good friend Josh was in the band!  Eric G came too and we drank beer and it was all very nice.  On the way home, we picked up a dozen donuts.

On Sunday, we headed into Portland.  Ryan went his own way and the rest of us spent a nice afternoon at Powell’s Book Store picking out awesome books (Birds of Central America with a $20 peso inside, hand-drawn Alaskan Wildflowers of the Road Sides, Knits from the North Sea / Lace in the the Shetland Tradition, etc).

At the heated swimming pool with the kids and there is a person who works here that is squatting next to the dryer vent lighting his boots on fire with a lighter and then spitting on them and watching us swim. He is wearing a kilt — no I think it is a duster over shorts and has a full neckbeard but no other facial hair and he is drinking straight from an almost empty 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew. I would not normally mind such an eclectic person except he yells at us. Zoom in and you can see him:

We spent Monday at Lewis & Clark which seemed to me to be a place the Federation would beam down to for earth holidays and we also visited U of Portland. Left town in the early evening and drove along the Columbia Gorge.

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