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A few days ago, my dad and I flew from Fairbanks, AK to Tampa, FL. It was a thirteen hour flight with a four hour layover in the Seattle airport. Once we got off the plane at Tampa, the humidity and the ninety degree weather was awful. My mom, my sisters and my Grandpa picked us up at the airport around two o’clock in the afternoon. When we got back to my grandparents house me and my sisters jumped in their pool that they have. We had some leftovers for dinner that night. The next day we spent sitting around the house watching TV and swimming in the pool. My mom and dad made burgers and baked potatoes for dinner that night. I couldn’t fall asleep to four  AM the second night due to jet lag. When we woke up, we drove to St. Petersburg to look at a new table for our camper. After that. we swam in the ocean for a few hours, which was very warm due to the Gulfstream current. After that we drove back to Dunedin along the coast. I’m excited about leaving for Europe but I also don’t want to leave Florida yet. So far I’ve had a great time in Florida!

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