Flying to Cartagena

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Its midnight and we are all packed and ready to go.  The little kids are sleeping and we are very excited about leaving tomorrow morning.  Our plane leaves Tampa at 8:45am and we arrive in Colombia at 1:41pm.  The weather in Cartagena is 89 degrees and partly cloudy with a low of 79 degrees – every single day.  It hardly ever changes, we have been tracking it for a year.

It takes two cars to get us all to the airport.  The hardest part of all was shipping the van and camper because it committed us to actually going to South America; before that, we could have chickened out.

We will be in Cartagena until the van and camper arrive and are cleared at customs, probably 12/21.  We are staying at a little hotel inside the walled city.  We have a family room that has two sets of bunk beds and a big bed (sleeps 5) and another room that sleeps 3.

As soon as the van and camper arrive, we are heading to Medellin (for Christmas?) and then on to Montanita, Ecuador for a few weeks of language immersion on the beach.  Mark & I get one 4 hour lesson each morning.  Jack & Ryan get one 4 hour lesson each morning.  Jen, Max, Annie and Sylvie get two hours of lessons.  On the beach.  In the afternoons, we have salsa and surfing lessons.

Everyone is excited and also nervous a little – that is what makes it an adventure!

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  1. OMG — surfing lessons! Oooh, the jealousy is seeping in now…..

  2. Wishing you lots of fun & little trouble on your trip! Take Care.

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