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So far, I have been pretty busy driving and maintaining and driving The Blue Van and camper.  I’ve got a little time right now as we wait for blowing, freezing fog (or steaming, freezing ground, it’s a little hard to tell) to pass in Wyoming. Here is a little of my perspective of the trip.

We tried to get through Canada as quickly as possible.  We’ve driven it before so it’s a little long, and we had to be in Denver by October 27thfor Ryan to take the ACT.  The weather did not cooperate.

Driving to the border in Alaska from Fairbanks was not much of a problem.  Everyone was happy to be on the road.  I think there was much Taylor Swift singing, but I could be wrong.  We pulled in to Beaver Creek late and could not get gas to continue until the morning.  It started snowing as we were waking up.  I installed the new car stereo we bought in Fairbanks before we left.  Unfortunately, it made the speakers pop with any volume.

It snowed all day as we were driving.  I have never driven towing the trailer in the heavy snow we were experiencing or any winter weather.   By the time we reached Destruction Bay, there were 5 new inches on the ground.    Towing a 30 foot trailer takes quite a bit of focus to begin with.  Needless to say, driving was pretty intense.  There were some pretty good grades we drove up, and the rear tires slipped a couple of times.  Thanks to our Quigley Super Trac Van, we could turn on 4 wheel drive and easily continue on.

We spent the night in Whitehorse and bought new speakers in the morning.  The old ones were the original Ford ones installed in 1992, so we thought an upgrade would improve the popping situation.  That didn’t work so we returned the speakers and headed to Watson Lake.  The driving conditions continued to be pretty bad all the way to Fort Saint John and beyond.    Ice, snow, freezing slush and cold weather.  It was pretty tiring.

In Fort Nelson, Michelle and went on a date!  This is one of my favorite things to do, at home or on the road.  It always wonderful to spend some time with just her and it’s really fun to go to new places while we travel.  We try to find interesting places wherever we are at.  In Fort Nelson, we went to Dan’s Neighborhood Pub.  It was a really nice place. Stop there if you get the chance.

Michelle and I went on another date at Liard Hot Springs.  I have been wanting to go here with her for several years.  We had been here before with the kids, but it was really nice to go the spring with just her.  It was cold and there was snow covering everything.  Truly a beautiful experience.  It was really nice sitting in the springs with Michelle in the crisp, clean air with snow blanketing everything.  Two dates so far!  And this one a dream come true!

From Dawson Creek on, things were pretty easy going.  In the early part of the trip, we can’t stop as often or for as long as I would like.  I am looking forward to slowing down a little after Denver and spending a little more time in more places.

We spent a couple of days in Vancouver.  Ryan really likes Vancouver and we are trying to visit as many places that he wants.  He headed into town on public transportation.  The rest of us went into town in The Blue Van together a little later and walked around Granville Island.  Then we went downtown to get Poutine, which is French fries and cheese curds smothered in brown gravy. There are lots of toppings you can have put on, from bacon to lobster and beyond.  So obviously, Poutine is really really good. And healthy, too!!

The next day, Ryan, Jack and I went on a very nice tour of Simon Frazer University in the morning.  I left them there and went back to the RV park to pick up everyone and the camper and go meet  Michelle’s old friend Lee who lives in Vancouver.  HEY LEE, IT WAS REALLY GREAT TO SEE YOU!!!  I hope we meet again in Santiago!  Ryan and Jack took the bus from SFU to the park we were.   Back on the road…..

All right.  That’s enough for now.  Next post  brings us “Flat Tire in Everett” and “Zombies in Portland.”  Tune in then!    Mark

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  1. Some progress made! Your blogs are incredibly entertaining. Keep having fun and adventure! Sounds like plenty of it has happened already.

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