Glasgow on October 20!

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We have made our final plan. After hundreds of plans and ideas, we settled on this one due to the fantastically cheap airfare ($159 on WestJet from Halifax to Glasgow, free 50lb checked bag, free carry on and free movies on the non-stop flight), the fact that Halifax is the last port in North America, reducing shipping time by half (now 8 days), and Glasgow seemed like a good place to start this next adventure.

The plan is to fly to Florida and pick up the new Expedition Vehicle (which still needs a name) and then spend about six weeks driving to Halifax.  Mark is in Florida right now doing some needed work to the new EV.  Making sure the roof is not leaking, replacing the three-burner stove and the weird little convection/microwave oven with a real oven and a 4 burner stove.  We are keeping the weird little oven, just adding one big enough to bake a cake.  The rest of the work will take place at the end of August when we retrofit the bedroom with bunks.

In the meantime, it is the Tanana Valley State Fair and the Blue Van and the camper II will be there for the whole nine days!

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