It was dark when we arrived in Halifax, we all went over to the grocery store. We got some stuff for dinner and went back to the camper.
The next morning the camper had a transmission problem and it needed to get fixed, they said it would be a two day job. But we we’re leaving in two days and the camper had to get shipped out tomorrow.
We all went over to Tim Hortons and got breakfast, then we drove around a little bit in a red truck that Mr Transmission let us borrow.
I don’t know how but they fixed the camper by the time we got back.
We went to a KOA to camp.
The next day we all headed to the airport to drop our bags off, my brother Jack and my sister Jennah stayed and watched the bags.
The rest of us went downtown to meet up with my father and my brother, Max, they went to drop the camper off at the port.
We walked around quite a bit and then went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. It was exciting yet sad because of the explosion of Halifax and the sinking of the Titanic.
After that we got pizza and headed back to the airport.
We flew out to Scotland. This was a great day.

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