Impulse Buying and Public Urination – Jack

Chile is big on a lot of things, skateboarding, Kurt Cobain, smoking, and long passionate kissing on the ground in public (making out) but two of my favorite things is their public urination and their impulse buying. We’ve been at this gas station for a week or two in total, at this gas station there’s a man who sells sets of fake, German cooking knives and there’s a really cool homeless man. I don’t really know why but while people fill their car with gas and/or pee on the side of the gas station, they seem to realize that they really would like a set of fake, crappy, German cooking knifes. This knife salesman told us he sells five sets a day which of course begs the question; is there some store that sells crappy knife sets for cheap? Where does this man keep his knives? If he makes money of them then why doesn’t he shower or buy different clothes? These questions have yet to be answered but what I do know is that Chileans everywhere love impulse buying. We had a for sale sign on the back of our trailer for a while when we drove around people would pass us then pull us over to try to buy it, one man walked past it while we were parked and said he’d run home and grab $10,000 in cash so that we could make a deal that day. I kind of love the impulse buying though. The public urination is big everywhere in South America but it seems to be worse in Chile. The people here just pee everywhere. I don’t know why, I mean they have running water and walls, plus the stores and gas stations here have bathrooms. I guess it’s more efficient to just go where you’re standing than walking into the bathroom. Maybe men who use the bathroom are looked down upon? You don’t see women peeing on the side of the road but they might just be more discrete about it. I also love the how the truck stops in big cities each have their own personal homeless man who lives in the parking lot and ask people for money. The gas station we’re staying at has this really cool, nice, old one who sleeps in a tent and gives away new pairs of shoes that he has for some reason. I like Chile. Chile is like how I always imagined California would be except with less Spanish. The coasts here are actually gold-ish and the water actually has big-ish waves. The air here is also clear and there’s 98% less smog than in So Cal. Also the cities here are sunny and since there’s an ozone hole above Chile, the sun’s really hot. I guess that’s the cause for all the public urination, I mean if it’s so nice outside, why spend time in there at all? The outdoors is pleasant and the grass here is green. If more people lived in cities that were just so nice to stand there and pee in, then I guess more people would do it. If I knew Spanish better then Chile would be the perfect country to be rich in.
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  1. Grandma Kay

    Jack, you must realize that 99% plus of
    people would not consider public urination a
    “PLUS” when describing positive attributes of a city! For
    sure, 98% less smog would be a much stronger comparison in a
    travel book…..Especially to this 69 yr old grandma in hospital
    “connected-up”! Your humorous take on “tourism”
    just made my day : ). Love You, Grandma Kay

  2. Lol, Public Urination lots in Alaska too.

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