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We were driving and we saw hot springs.  We pulled over and camped there.  We went to the hot springs.  It took forever to get Jack’s swim suit on!   We got to go in the private one.  That means where its a building and its like those buildings with pools in it and they have windows you can see through them?  Like a greenhouse with a pool in it.  The next morning we didn’t go to the hot springs because of the altitude made us sick a little but I only throwed up once.  There was a train we saw driving to Puno.  We went to a store but it wasn’t really a store it was holded up by sticks and had tarps all over them.  Me and Annabelle really wanted to buy a llama that was standing up and mom said we should buy it!  Then mom went back to the same market and got two llamas for me and Annabelle,  I got the brown one, it was sooo fluffy and Annabelle got a white one.  It was made out baby alpaca fur. They were both babies.  I named mine Rosabella.  Annabelle named hers Fluffy.       Inca cola is a soda.  It’s yellow but it has caffeine in it.  I like it.

Rosabella and Fluffy, the llamas (or maybe baby alpacas)


Annabelle and I trying to catch butterflies!

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  1. Linda ( Brenda's sister )

    I am so jealous of the little llamas you got. They are adorable! We are getting ready for another snowstorm, enjoy the weather you are traveling thru and be safe.

  2. Kay DeCorso

    Love the llamas in the photo. You have brightened my day just seeing your adorable face!

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