Jack in Colombia

Cartagena is a loud, old, and crowded city. Everywhere you go you can hear the music of the land being pumped out of large sound systems that loiter outside the shops and stores. People sell practically any item they can; men carry around chains covered in padlocks in hopes that people will purchase their golden locks. Blankets are setup on the side of the streets and are used as floors for small jewelry and hat shops. Some buildings are so old that the clay shingles on their roof have eroded them into each other, making them one giant clay shingle. The older section is surrounded by a wall built when the Spanish were still in power. One thing I like about the Walled City is that there’s this one stray dog in there that we keep running into around town.

Cabs, buses, walking, and carriages are the main forms of transportation here in Cartagena. The sidewalks are thin and is a lot of the time taken up by locals trying to make a living off their wares. People have carts with tanks mounted to the top which they fill with ice and squeeze fresh lemons and limes into, then discard the fruit skin on the ground, causing the streets to have a citrus smell. Every liquid is sold in bags. Milk, water, ketchup, mayonnaise, it all comes in plastic bags.

I found a music store that has melodicas for sale. I’ve been looking for a melodica at every music store I’ve been to and now I’ve found one. I haven’t bought the instrument yet but I might in a day or so.
That’s all for now; bye.

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