La Junta, Colorado, United States — Ryan

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We stayed in Denver over Halloween with my Aunt and Uncle in Aurora. I got some work done on my website, there’s now a ‘Photography’ tab at the top. It doesn’t look stellar because it’s still with WordPress, but I didn’t want to break my site and have to leave it down for a few days. I was going to install a different gallery, but then it would clash with the rest of the site and look unprofessional… I did set up an email account,, which looks really slick to put on business cards and such. Now I don’t have to be embarrassed when I put my gmail address down on something.

I also got the chance to process a few photos, I’ll admit that I haven’t been taking many so far. Mostly because I don’t want to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of photos that I have to deal with… Also because until two days ago I thought I only had a gigabyte of space left on my computer. I was running a virus scanner when I saw it hit c:\windows.old and realized that I still had the entire backup of my laptop from when I reinstalled Windows in July…

As for traveling, we’re in La Junta this morning. We’re heading into Kansas today, and nothing terribly interesting has happened since I last posted.

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