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We arrived at a place that looks like Alaska. There are numerous pine trees that frame a marshy river-pond. It smells really good, a mix of pine trees and cinnamon sugar, sort of. Good times. We parked at pullover a couple of miles Validivia. Father and Ryan drove in to the town to scope out camping spots whilst the rest of us just chilled at the trailer. Ryan had used his technical geniunity to have our phone broadcast an internet connection, so that was being used. Father and my bro came back no better places to camp, so we decided we’d stay there. Today we got to the end. The highway ran past the ocean for a bit, and I was looking out the window when I thought I saw penguins. We were all freaking out and whatnot as we camped in a parking lot next to the ocean and I angsted out about tsunamis whilst Ryan told me how if there was a tsunami it would be even more dangerous because it would funnel through the fjords and kill us all. My brother is quite the soothing sibling, isn’t he? The next day we boarded the ferry to get to the island. The water was so clear I could see the bottom, and I saw several starfish. It was partly cloudy and sort of chilly on the boat, but since we were hard core Alaskans we stayed up there until the end. There were hornets zooming around, but I stood brave and didn’t get stung. The island was quite charming, with little water front towns, markets and whatnot. We walked around the first one’s market, which had a lot of knitted wool things. They were all very beautiful, though expensive, and I couldn’t buy anything. We drove from town to town, hoping to see penguins and not seeing them. It turned out that they apparently migrated and were no longer here. It was very sad. It also appeared that the ‘penguins’ we had previously seen weren’t actually penguins, either. The plan was to go out for seafood, since Chile is famous for it, and we scoped out several restaurants that didn’t pan out. In the end, we went to a litte German bakery thing. Down here there are a lot of German things, such as shnitzel. We got a sort of apple strudel and a manjar waffle, which was delicious. It was made of a crispy waffley bread with manjar that tasted like peanut butter in between and coconut stuck to the manjar. Chile’s manjar is considerably better then Peru’s. I’m not looking forward to eating Peruvian manjar again. We drove to a lookout point that showcased an idyllic fjord surrounded by picture perfect pine trees and white flowers. We took a moment to reminscence about the trip, like how everywhere in South America there are amourous couples all over and how they listen to ancient music, like from the eighties and nineties. As if to prove our point, we noticed a couple mere feet from us making out. Good times. Once again we piled back into the van and headed back. It was growing dark and we had yet to find a restaurant. We eventually gave up and took the ferry back. The next day we headed back into Valdivia and camped outside a German pub. Mother, father, Jack, Ryan and Max went there to eat whilst I stayed behind and watched the little ones. Apparently, the meat at the German pub was next to raw and everyone ate it anyway. Ew. I’d become a vegetarian, but I can’t seem to not eat meat… The next morning Lucy escaped and bounded along the highway, forcing Ryan, Jack and father to attempt to catch her. They did eventually and we were about to leave when Jack spazzed out because he had dropped his headphones somewhere in the huge field they had been chasing the dog through. Miracolously, we found them and headed down the road. That night the white phone that broadcasted internet broke, which was unfortunate but unfixable. And finally, we are in Santiago again. The first night we camped in a Copec and not our Shell station since there wasn’t enough room. The Shell station is like my fourth home, but we moved there the next morning and greeted Ruben and whatnot I spent the day taking my siblings to the playground that unfortunately they have here. I greatly dislike playgrounds. Jennah

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  1. Grandma Kay

    Great descriptive writing, Jennah Fun to read such colorful writing. Hope rest of the trip goes smoothly and adventurous as well. Miss you and
    rest of gang lots! Guess who got a Nook recently from Grandpa?
    Moi !! Still not adept at its workings but hope you can help me big time
    come June. : ) LUV You Sweetie -keep the chatter flowing!

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