Leaving Cartagena – Jennah

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We left Cartagena and headed into the heat. Our trailer and van were parked at an unattractive yard of dirt. The trailer was at least 115 degrees, and we couldn’t stay in there for more than five minutes, unless we wanted to die of heat stroke.

We left the twisting, sweltering streets of Cartagena and went on. All was going okay, despite the fact it was hot in the cart. Around twilight, a cop pulled us over and said we couldn’t drive anymore due to our broken wind shield. Luckily, Mom whipped out the faux-tears and we were able to get away. We camped at a lot and started to make dinner. It was then that dozens of children started to hover around. We invited them in, and we hung out for a bit before they left so we could eat dinner. Whilst we ate they set up chairs around the trailer and we had a party.

Jack and I were hanging out with a girl named Wendy and she asked for Jack’s phone number. Jack thought she was talking about llamas.  “Llamas? Llamas? Where?” He started saying stupidly, whilst glancing around as if expecting llamas to pop out from behind a chair.

Wendy gave me a ring and a pair of earrings, both of which were very pretty. Thank you!
We ate breakfast with them the next day, which consisted of bollas, bacon, cheese and guacamole all of which were delicious.

We wished them goodbye and headed out, passing little villages and the like.

That night, we camped in a lot and played Frisbee with Trek for a while. The next morning Mother allowed us to get snackies from the gas station. I got a Colombia chocolate bar, but Mother dearest didn’t let me eat it <exactly when I demanded that I eat it* mom edit>. Blasphemy!

We started up the mountain. There dangerous, snakelike roads that ran along a steep cliff face. The only protection between us and death was a barbed wire fence. There were only about two feet between the cliff and the fence, and I saw a cow that had somehow defied death and was perched precariously on the tiny strip of ground.

The view was amazing, a mix of mottled greens with a few dashes of yellow. Sometimes you could see a river at the bottom as we drove higher and higher into the mountains.

And then… The car stopped moving.

We were going up a hill and it just wouldn’t move

Dad was able to back up and get to semi flat ground and started doing car stuff and we were moving again.

It was much, much cooler here than in hellish Cartagena, thank God.

We camped in a truck stop, and I was actually cold that night. Father got Mom a thingy that was filled with chicken and potato. It was really good.

The next day, we chilled for a while then walked into Santa Rosa, which was the town we were in. It was really pretty.  We walked into beautiful church, and it looked like it had blood in the doorway. Dad, Annabelle, Max and I went shopping whilst Mom and the rest of the fam went somewhere else. We got a few Christmas presents, then switched up. Once we were all back together, we went to this little food cart that sold potatoes, and they were delicious.

We got a seven inch tall palm tree for our Christmas tree, then stopped briefly at an ATM and a market. Finally, we got home around six. Mother made black beans and rice for dinner, then retired for the night.

Merry Christmas!

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