Leaving Vancouver — Jennah

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We departed from our RV park in Vancouver.  The sky was overcast, and it was a bit humid. We crossed the Canadian/American border, and we were in the US! We drove on the twisting highways, leaving Vancouver and heading towards Seattle. It started to rain lightly.

We were driving serenely down the road when a woman opened up her window and said,
“Your axle is on fire!”

So we pulled off on an exit and stopped. The wheel was really hot.

This resulted in us being stranded at a Walmart in the Seattle suburbs. It had started to rain super hard, pouring down in torrents.  My father dearest said there was a possibility that he could fix it, and here we are in a Walmart.

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  1. Kay DeCorso

    Sure hope he can fix it!

  2. Ted DeCorso

    Wow Jennah! This trip is already proving to be another real adventure. It’s a good thing your dad is so talented. If it was me, you’d be stranded at that Walmart forever.

    By the way — you write beautifully!!

    Love to you all,

    Grandpa Ted

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