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We’re still in Peru. The desert is hot and uncomfortable at times. The night is also pretty hot and I’ve developed a habit of sleeping without blankets or clothing. I long time ago, my headphones broke and I’ve been stuck listening to the sounds of traffic or nonstop Taylor Swift while driving, but thankfully I was able to replace them the other day.
One of the things I love about the desert is its lack of trees or shrubbery, because, it makes it 90% easier to find things on the ground such as: cool rocks, crystals, cool rocks with crystals, and so on. The other day we stopped to camp on a road next to a few, kind of giant sand dunes. The Kind of Giant Sand Dunes were kind of really big and were home to almost nothing living, but festering with stones and pretty rocks. I was out and about during the early hours of the day, looking for fossils and pretty stones and things of that nature, when I came upon a vain of quartz that lay there exposed above the Kind of Giant Sand Dunes. The vain of quartz I found was crumbling apart and many semi large boulders of the stone could be found. Inside a few blocks of this “quartz” I found many quartz crystals molded into the shape that of prisms. I now have a ton of crystals in a bag under my bed from the Kind of Giant Sand Dunes.
We’ve come a long way since the Kind of Giant Sand Dunes. Now we’re in a desert that’s less flattering and much rockier, but that’s okay because those famous lines and shapes of animals and such are here. Tomorrow, it’s possible, that maybe, we might, go flying over top these Nazca lines. It really is impossible to see them from the ground. I always had the impression that you would at least notice long line shaped strands running along the desert but apparently you don’t.
We were in Lima the other day. Back where I come from there’s this city called Anchorage and Lima looked a lot like a bigger, more spread out Anchorage. We stayed in Lima for a few days because our car broke down, right outside of it. It took my father and some mechanic guys a few days to get all the parts and stuff to fix are car, but soon it was ship shape and ready to drive out on the town. We went to a museum and looked at pots and stuff of that sort. The part of the museum that interested me, and that I really cared about was the top floor which was dedicated to pictures about the 1980-1991 Shining Path conflict. I don’t really want to go into detail about that right now. In Lima, we went to this fountain park that had the world’s tallest fountain ever. I like fountains but I don’t like the noise they make and sadly, every single one of these fountains made noise. There was a wonderful laser/water show at the end and that’s about it I think.
Sorry about the shortness of this post. There’s not all that much to write about I think. I mainly write about the landscape and that sort of stuff but the landscape has remained relatively the same since my last entry. We don’t really go into the towns and walk around the towns so it’s hard to write my opinion on them because I really don’t have one most of the time. A lot of the towns do smell really bad though. I don’t know why but when we drive through or by a town there’s always this really bad smell. The people here are friendly and kind but I miss the cool, moist mountains from Colombia; I’m not really all that big on dry and hot areas.
Good bye.

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  1. I agree, Jack. I’m not all that bog on dry and hot areas either. Nice journal entry.

  2. Grandma Kay

    Loved reading this colorful entry, Jack
    Almost like “being there” for me. Plus you
    always make me smile or laugh with your
    wry humor . Miss you!!

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