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We were just pulling into Lima when the trailer’s tire caught on fire. Again.
Dad pulled over on a street that coincidentally had a number of mechanic shops and started to talk to the guys there whilst we went to the trailer.
So the first two days in Lima were spent fixing the car. There was a raised path with tiny playgrounds along it between us and the highway, but they were heated up by sun so supplied no entertainment.
After the car was fixed we moved to a gas station and drove into Lima. We went to a museum and on the first couple of floors were pottery and such things but on the top floor was photographs of the damage of the Shining Path. It was very sad.

After that, we drove around the neighborhoods of Lima, such as Miras Flores and the like. At dusk, we went to the water fountain park where impressive fountains and laser shows were going. There were several fountains, and one that made a curved archway of water to walk through. Of course, Jack shoved his hand into the stream and disrupted the flow then got in trpuble from the security guard.
At eight fifteen there was a water and laser show at the biggest fountain and the largest in the world. The laser show was nice, and there were laser people that danced on the water.
After we left we headed back to the trailer.
The next day it was impossible to find somewhere to park, so we just drove around Lima. It was hot out, and I wanted to go to a cafe I read about in Frommer’s, but like I said, nowhere to park.
The next day we went the ruin sight very close to our camping spot. It was hot out and we had to trek up a mountain, though I enjoyed that.
The ruins were still quite intact, and there were several pyrmids with ramps leading up to them. We spotted what could have been two human bones.
We left Lima and drove all day. Come late afternoon, there were vineyards everywhere.
We are currently camping in a gas station surrounded by grapes. There are lots of flies.


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  1. Kay DeCorso

    Sounds like you are doing and seeing fascinating things.
    The extreme heat and sun will be really memorable
    when you return to Fairbanks : ) All the sites, people, smells and
    food you experienced will be imprinted for along time in years.
    to come Hope you are keeping diary! Love, Grandma Kay

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