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On January 3rd, Trek broke out of a window in our trailer while we were away. He and Louis ran out of the parking lot, and Louis was hit by a car. I got there ten to twenty minutes after it had happened, and I believe Louis was killed on impact. I didn’t want to post this, but I felt that it’s something that should be said since Louis was a major part of our trip.

Louis at the beach on South Padre Island, Texas – Winter, 2011

The parquedero attendant was very sympathetic and found a corner of the parking lot under something that looks like an allysum bush where he dug a hole for us. Otavalo isn’t a bad place to go, I’m sure the people we bought him from on Fort Wainwright would never have guessed ten years ago that he’d be hit by a car .13 degrees from the equator in the Andean Highlands. It wasn’t until we lost Louis that it really struck me how far I am from home. Louis was a really great dog, there’s a lot I could say. We will all really miss him, he was the perfect dog to travel with.

One of the last photos I have of Louis, on top of a mountain in Antioquia, Colombia

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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I know he was a valued member of your family and will be missed. He was a great little dog.

  2. We will miss the wagging body and greeting that he always showed when he saw us coming down the driveway. Hugs to you all. ((()))

  3. We’re all so sorry to hear about Louis.

  4. Jeroen & I were so sad to hear the news about Louis. Thanks for posting those wonderful photos of him!

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