Lousiana, Mississippi and some of Florida — Max

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In Lousiana we dove to in to New Olean and Ryan toured the Loyola University and got accepted! while they toured, Annabelle, Sylvia, Jennah and I went to the Playground across the street.  We went to Downtown and across the Ferry. After the Ferry we set out in search of DOUGNUTS!!!! After about a hour we found them and they were awesome! so if you ever go to New Olenas go to Tastee Donuts and get a chocolate glazed one. Soo to carry on with the totally awesome life of ME we go to the oh so plesent town of Slidell we got PO-BOYS! I got a French Frie Po-Boy and so did Jennah and Annabelle but I got the best, it had lettuce and tomato it was AMAZING!!!!!! Then we went to Mississippi, and we stayed in the guest house of Mr.Richards  it was so comfortable l that I didn’t want to get up. Then I was crulely ripped from my bed and dragged to the cold world of work, then I happily whet to Waffle House and then we had to leave the best house in the world and drove to Alabama, we dove to Florida!   We dove to two in the morning and camped at a Walmart and so here we are in Tallahassee going to Tampa to see Grandma and Grandpa soo goodbye!

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