Make a $25 loan on KIVA — A loan of $525 helps Anselma to buy ingredients like potatoes and oil.

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Anselma, 36, sells stuffed potatoes, turnovers, vermicelli and ‘silpancho’ [meat and rice dish served with fried egg] in a small eatery she has located in a strategic spot in the city of La Paz. This loan is her first sequence in the institution and Anselma will use it to buy ingredients like potatoes and oil to prepare her dishes because there are times when her small eatery, especially due to parties, fills up which temporarily increases sales so she needs more capital in order to take care of this clientele. Her reason for requesting the loan is that she lacks cash. The business challenge Anselma faces is that she works alone so often can’t take care of everyone quickly which causes some of her customers to be upset. She will use profits to hire a person to help her cook and provide better customer service.

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  1. KIVA is awesome!!!

  2. Excellent!! Thanks for supporting my favorite charity!

  3. Hey- I just had a good idea! What if you went to eat at her restaurant? (If you guys did make it to La Paz.)

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