Mississippi, Louisiana & Uncle Chris

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Guess what!  Chris Richards is in Mississippi.  We are heading there straightaway to try to convince him to come with us.

On the way, we are spending the night at the Lake View Park campground in Eunice, Louisiana.  We stayed there before.  Eunice is the “Prairie Cajun Capital Of Louisiana” and on Saturday night Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys are playing in the Lake View Dance Hall.  You see, in Louisiana there are dance halls.  Where people dance.

We have seen Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys before (and not just on NPR).  They are a great Grammy nominated cajun band!  Plus Steve Riley is hot (in an old person kind of way but I am an old person now).  LOVE accordion!  Trying to get Ryan and Jack to play one.  Staying at Lake View comes with two tickets to see Steve Riley at 9pm — and that leaves time for dinner (which means boudin balls and crawfish pie).  I am so excited!

I am trying to embed the video — will it work?



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  1. Julia Hamlin

    I was your waitress at the Crawfish Barn! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog here, it is so interesting! I really hope that I made your experience in our small, little town a memorable one. If you send me all your sizes and address I would be more than happy to send each of you one of our t-shirts when we get a new order!! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your journey! It was great to meet you!!

    • We had a great time at the Crawfish Barn! I am so glad you found the blog. Everyone is super excited about the tshirts!

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