Nasca Lines, Llamas, Chinchillas and Parade – Sylvia

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We saw the Nasca lines. We saw the tree and the lizard and the hand.  We wanted to go on the airplane, Annabelle and I really wanted to go – it spins around in circles and goes on its side.  The desert was really hot, like hot as Death Valley.  We drove up into the mountains and it got freezing cold.  We found a spot to camp and there were llamas EVERYWHERE -they are so cute!!!!  There were cactus and a BUNCH of llamas.  I went with Jack to look at the llamas. On the way up up we saw one llama bone and on the way back down we saw a bunch.  Poor llamas.  I wanted to put the bones in a museum because they are probably like 100 years old but JAck said it was a bad idea.  The next day we were driving on a really high mountain.  On the persons walls, they have x’s on the llamas, llama paintings on the outside of the houses.  I think that it means they want the llamas to be gone or be dead or they don’t like the llamas.  I don’t really know.  We camped that night really high and the next day while we were driving I got really bad altitude sickness -that means I felt like I was going to throw up a lot.    The next day we got up really early and we did not eat breakfast and we were still in our pajamas and we saw the cutest thing of all – chinchillas.  They looked like bunnies, had bunny eares, eyes like a bunny but smaller and they make a cheeping sound like meee meee meee.  I really wanted to pick up one.  Then we got to this town that had an ATM and there was a huge parade going on with floats and water balloons and cans of foam you spray at everyone, and dancers wearing pink and orange and blue and red wearing old days clothes, REALLY old fashioned, like made in the 90’s and they had really high pitched voices because I could hear them singing and someone threw a water balloon at me, they tried to hit this girl but it smattered on me, it was a bucket of water.  I wish I was in the parade!

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  1. Ted DeCorso

    It is a lot of fun reading your posts Sylvie. But, you know, the posts are all just super. I love hearing each of your viewpoints…they are all unique and interesting.

    This whole trip blows my mind. It is beyond my imagination. Stay well you guys.


    Grandpa Ted

  2. Kay DeCorso

    I love, “old-fashioned clothes…made in the ’90’s”!! Out of the mouths of truly adorable “babes” comes the best statements! Love you a bunch, sweetheart! Keep well and hope your tummy is better! Rocco says woof, woof!

  3. Wow! What a great story, Sylvia. You are having such an adventure!

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