Northern Ireland and Dublin

We got to Northern Ireland on a ferry that went into Belfast. The ferry ride was two and a half hours long, but it had free movies and wifi which was pretty cool! Once we got off the boat we parked the camper, and went into Belfast.
Belfast was a pretty gross place,  my parents kept saying if I talked about the great potato famin people would get offended and punch me, a bit scary to be honest. I walked around with Jennah mostly because she wanted to look at dresses and I was going to help her look for them.
Of course, while we were there it was almost the anniversary of the revolution which was in 1916. Right before we got to Belfast actually there was a car bomb injuring a 52 year old man.
In  Killyleagh Jennah and Jack met up with a friend Jennah met online. Everyone else was stuck in the camper. We took a walk,  though, the town was small.

In  Annalong Max, Sylvia and I met two girls named Kora and Alex. We talked a lot and hung out at a park. Annalong  was fun, until when we were trying to watch a movie but were interrupted by a group of young people throwing rocks at us, my parents kept going outside and screaming at them, then once they didn’t stop my mom called the cops. Pretty intense. We left that town the next morning.

Finally we went into the Republic of Ireland, but of course the sim cards stopped working because we weren’t in the UK anymore, so we raced all the way to a phone store to buy sim cards.

After a bit of driving we got to Dublin! We decided to stay in the Harbour in Howth, but even better, we were gonna be in Dublin for the St. Patricks Day Parade! And my friend Heidi was coming to visit with her mom and brother, and there was gonna be a Prawn Festival on the weekend!
The first time we went into Dublin it was alright, we went to Temple Bar and went into a shop and bought a ton of St. Patricks Day stuff, I got a headband,  a hoodie, and face paint!
When it was St. Patricks Day we went into Dublin around 9:00am even though the parade started at noon, we had to get good seats.


It was awesome! Everyone was all dressed up and had face paint on and makeup, and Heidi was coming at 2:00pm.
When the parade started I was so excited, there were like 12 marching bands and so many other things! But I was tired of standing by the time it ended. Then we had to go find Heidi at the bus station! That was fun.

When she came we lazed around in the hotel room quite a bit, but she also came to Howth and we went around the Prawn Festival. We also went to a zoo, which had more things than I expected it to.

It was fun, I hope the other parts of Ireland are as much cool as this.

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