Ocean Hike

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When we went to Tintagel,  we stayed there for three nights. The second day we were there, we went to the castle. The castle was on a cliff side overlooking the ocean, which was a different shade of blue than most oceans I have seen. All that was left of it was a few ruins. There was a tunnel built into the cliff that you could go in. It was very windswept and cold the whole time we were there. On the way back, Mom lost her phone but luckily we found it again.
The next day, we took a hike along the seaside to a pub a couple of miles away. The hike was wonderful, though very windy. There were some scary parts where we all had to walk along a treacherous cliff,  and sea spray got us wet. It was a beautiful view though, and the waves were massive.



The pub we walked to was very cozy, and we would have gone again had we been able to
get to it. We walked back to the camper in the semi-dark.
While we were at Tintagel, I got a pea coat at a charity shop. I’ve been looking for a coat in every charity shop since Edinburgh,  so that was a good find.
At the pub it was quiz night, and Dad, Max, Jack and I were a team. There were a lot of strange, local questions so naturally we lost miserably.
After Tintagel, we went to Bewd,  which was a small, gray town. Annie and I stopped walking around to go back to the camper, but we got lost. Luckily it didn’t take long to find our way again, since the town was so small. Small. So small. The smallest town.

  – – Jennah

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  1. Grandma Kay

    Great hearing about your trip Jennah! Sounds like you all have become Brits while there. And a new pub every 3-4 days pops up. Bet the food is comfy/warm.
    When we were in Amsterdam Hamburg Germany many years ago(your Aunt Sara was 12) we had best food at the pub across the street from our “home” in back of the big church there. What a dichotomy of scenes/experiences.

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