• Abbey Road

  • The Amazon

  • Stonehenge

  • Nasca Lines

  • Bay of Fundy

  • Beaumaris Castle

  • Tarapoto

  • Wales

  • La Paz, Bolivia

  • Homer, Alaska

  • Peru

  • Santa Rosa, Colombia

The UK

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When we first got to the UK we flew into Scotland Edinburgh and we stayed there for about two weeks. I love Scotland its like my home away from home. Then we went into Wales, we stayed in Wales for … Continued

Edinburgh 0.3

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We are once again back in Edinburgh! We arrived here a couple days ago, and are staying by the docks. The day we got here, Jack and I went to stay at a hostel for three nights,  because it was … Continued

Ocean Hike

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When we went to Tintagel,  we stayed there for three nights. The second day we were there, we went to the castle. The castle was on a cliff side overlooking the ocean, which was a different shade of blue than … Continued

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