• Abbey Road

  • The Amazon

  • Stonehenge

  • Nasca Lines

  • Bay of Fundy

  • Beaumaris Castle

  • Tarapoto

  • Wales

  • La Paz, Bolivia

  • Homer, Alaska

  • Peru

  • Santa Rosa, Colombia


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London is the best city I’ve been to so far. I like the architecture and the food. It is fun to walk around and has lots to do. We recently went to see the play Wicked at a theater, which … Continued


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Last week for New Year’s,  Jack and I went to Hogmanay,  a big festival in downtown Edinburgh. There were concerts and a street party and all kinds of events. We got tickets to the street party and rented a hostel … Continued

York Minster

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On our way back to Edinburgh for Christmas, we stopped in York. My aunt Sara joined us there because she was playing a concert there. It was very flooded, and I saw several streets under water. I went to York … Continued


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London is awesome! We stayed at  Excel London, there was a train station,  also known as the tube, right next to Excel London. So we got into London pretty easily. London is also very expensive. . . When we first … Continued

Christmas in Edinburgh

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We got to Edinburgh on 22nd. We stayed at a park and ride outside of Edinburgh for a day. Ryan,  was coming in later. When we were in Edinburgh the first time everything was cool. This was different. There was … Continued

Sherwood Forest

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We went to Sherwood forest, thats where Robin Hood lived.  When we got there we first went into the visitor centre. I bought a pin and then we all headed towards the major oak. I brought my camera and my … Continued

Wales Castles

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Wales was awesome. I had a great time there and I hope we’ll go back. One of the most cool things were the castles. Conwy castle, Caernarfon castle, Harlech castle, and Beaumaris castle. I liked them all but Harlech I … Continued

Kabobs, Pizza and Burgers

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We have been driving around Wales for about three weeks. In those 21 days, I think maybe four of them have been sunny. The rest have been filled with a clothes drenching drizzle – mist,  or pounding rain. If we’re … Continued

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