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More of Wales

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We toured the castle in Conwy. The castle was fun and had lots to do. When we left Conwy we headed to Bangor and Anglesey Island. Beaumaris castle is on Anglesey Island. Beaumaris castle is just outside the town of … Continued


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We left Liverpool after spending a few days there and headed for Chester. Along the way we stopped at a store, called Go Outdoors, and bought rain coats for all of us except for my Mom and Annabelle. We left … Continued


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We woke up at five in the morning so we could finish packing and all that stuff. The train we were going on left at six forty five in the morning. I was really tired the whole time. We left … Continued

Our House

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The apartment we are staying at is very nice. It is big enough for all of us, and very centrally located on the Royal Mile. Our house has three heaters, and a fake fire place. It has two mini fridges … Continued

Pies and other foods

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In Edinburgh there’s  this really great pie shop. It sells delicious pies, like beef pies, vegetable pies, and sweet pies. When I first went there I got a cottage pie. It had mashed potatoes, shredded beef, and an onion sauce. … Continued

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