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In Edinburgh there’s  this really great pie shop. It sells delicious pies, like beef pies, vegetable pies, and sweet pies. When I first went there I got a cottage pie. It had mashed potatoes, shredded beef, and an onion sauce. It was delicious except I don’t like onions.
The second time I went there we were all going to go out for dinner but we ended up getting pies instead. My sister, Jennah and I got steak bake pies, it was steak with some sort of sauce. My father got a traditional Scottish pie and so did my brother, Max.
Shortbread, is good, it’s nice to have with tea. Shortbread is a traditional biscuit of Scotland, biscuit means cooked twice.
Haggis is a traditional dish the Scottish make on Burns Night. Haggis is has these following ingredients: a sheeps pluck (it’s heart, liver, and lungs), miced with onions, oatmeal, suet, salt and spices.
We had English crumpets this mornings,  Scottish crumpets are like a pancake but cooked slightly different. English crumpets are smaller and thick. They have a chewy spongy texture.

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  1. Annabelle, how much haggis did you eat?

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