Portland Day 2 — Jennah

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Today we journeyed into Portlandia again, leaving our nice, cozy, comfy trailer in favor of the streets of a city, crowded with ruffians and hobos. We visited the Powell Bookstore again, only this time we came in through the doors knowing that the largest bookstore was in fact located in Toronto (I knew that Canada was better then America). I went on a hunt for my books, then curled up on the top floor with a book for an hour or so. Mother then called and I was forced to leave. I went to meet up with the rest of my tiresome family, only to find that there was no familiar faces. I then wandered around, searching for them, to no avail. After about half an hour, I went back to the Rose Room, and saw that they had been there all along.

After leaving  the book store, we went to the bread store and got more heavenly loaves. Before we could eat them, we had to traipse all the way to a playground. My younger, less mature siblings frolicked among the hard equipment.  I soon joined them out of boredom, while Jack and mother went to a music shop. About twenty minutes later we boarded the van and picked them up, then headed home. We went to the pool, and saw that there was a shady character hanging around, wearing shorts and a duster with strange leather boot. He curled up in a corner and slammed a bottle of Mountain Dew. We left after about an hour and a half, maybe two hours, because it started to rain. We fetched our towels from the dryer and went back to the trailer. A while later Mother, Ryan, Sylvia, and Annabelle journeyed to Target, and Max and I went to go put the towels in the dryer again. We put them in and started it, only to find that the dryer was in fact a washer! It was too late, because the door locked and the traitorous machine had locked it’s door. Max and I headed sadly back to the trailer.

This is the end of Portland, Day 2.

P.S I could not purchase any pens, because they were all vulgarly priced. I was crying inside.

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