Portland Oregon — Max

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Today in Portland we drove to the Zoo and dropped off Annabelle, Mom and Sylvia  and Dad, Jack, Jennah and I bought a day pass on the train via credit card and went downtown. The first stop was a Mall, there was pen shop and the cheapest pen was $29 dollars!  The most expensive was $1500 dollars!! Then we got some frozen yogurt because Jennah needed it so we had to waist $7.50 on some ice cream thing. After that we went to THE LARGEST BOOK STORE IN THE WORLD!!!! well not the largest there is another somewhere in the world. And on the way to the book store we passed a bakery and Jack went in to get bread and Dad said “Jack it’s going to cost to much” but of course Jack went in and got a awesome tasty loaf of bread for 75 cents so we all went in got some. Then at the end of the day me, Mom, Dad, Jack, Jennah, Sylvia and Annabelle me tup and got some food from a food cart and ate at park then when we were done we went back to the campground and went to sleep.

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