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Today my family and I went into Portland, Oregon. We dropped my mother off at the local zoo with the younger siblings and then caught a train into downtown. At first I wasn’t really liking Portland that much because I couldn’t find any nice shops to browse but then we came to some bakery and since bread is my favorite food I went in to see if it was affordable. It turns out that you could buy a decent sized chunk of bread for 75 cents. After the bread we went to the Powell bookstore which just so happened to be the biggest bookstore in the world according to some sibling. When in the store I found a room full of rare books, one of the books it had was a large book full of sketches of sets from the movie Star Wars. I then wondered over across the hall to the music books where I found the sheet music for the album The Wall by Pink Floyd which I bought and hugged all day. After we left the book store, I stumbled upon a zombie march that I tagged along with until they went into a bar. I then continued to walk down the street until I found a male underwear store with live models which was pretty beautiful. I bought myself some kind of thong for $12 because I like underwear. Eventually it was time to meet up with my mother and the rest of the family so we headed towards the bus stop place until we found them. When we were reunited with our other half, Jennah, Mother and I ran off to a makeup store where I tried on a number of lipsticks and face moisteners until leaving time. I had packed a gallon of tea in my backpack and all throughout the day I was drinking from it spontaneously on the curb. At some time we found ourselves outside a blockade of food carts. There were a good number of carts selling food from far off lands. I went to a Greek booth and ordered a gyro which of course I mispronounced, we then went and ate our food in a park and headed towards a bus stop to find our way home.

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  1. An underwear model… classic Jack. 🙂 But the “some kind of thong for $12” part is really scaring me………

  2. Autumn Baolugh

    The underwear store you went to is the same one that Derek went to when we were there! And your sibling that said that powells is the biggest book sore was right!

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