Preparing to leave the USA

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We stopped in Austin to begin the last preparations we need to do before we leave the USA.  We had a lengthy shopping list which included:

  • Stocking our medicine (Benedryl, peptobismal, etc)
  • The much-anticipated Yellow Fever and Typhoid Shots!
  • A visit to a doctor for broad spectrum antibiotics (Cipro) and epinephrine
  • Ink for the printer
  • Car insurance policy for Mexico
  • Car insurance policy for Central America & South America
  • A GPS
  • An unlocked 3G modem
  • A small grill
  • A back-up wireless card with an antenna
  • More spare tires
  • Mosquito netting
  • Nook charger cables (they ALL broke)
  • FIX the music problem with the car!!  Our car stereo pre-amp broke in Fairbanks  and the


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  1. Wow! I’m so excited for you guys! Just one question — how are you going to get the dogs across the border? Don’t they need paperwork?

  2. Sounds like an ordeal. Adios Amigos!

  3. Good luck & try to stay out of trouble! 🙂

  4. Take care guys.

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