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Not all that much has happened since my last post so this won’t be too informative. A few days ago I was petting my wrist when I discovered that I have a cyst. It isn’t anything bad just a lovely little lump but mother wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bone spur or cancer so I had to get an ultrasound. There’s this entire building set up near down town for X Rays and Ultrasounds. I don’t know why the hospitals or the clinics just don’t get their own machines. First you go see a doctor and he/she writes out an order that you give to the short and kind of creepy ultrasound guy who then rubs you until you’re covered in the jelly stuff. That’s where my cyst adventure ends. My journey ended in the creepy guy’s office.

Mother and Father heard a cover of Dust in the Wind by Kansas played on the pan flute when they went out.  Of course this led to the purchasing of two CDs full of Andean classic rock.

I think I’ve already talked about this but here in Puno there’s a hotel that’s a tower. I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty sure this hotel is the tallest building in Puno. At the top there’s a restaurant and on top of that there’s a bar with windows for you to look through. We’ve been trying to go to this bar for three days now but every night it’s been closed due to the lameness of the bar tender. Maybe tonight it’ll be open. The other night Mom, Jennah, Ryan, and I went out for pizza at the restaurant called Macchu Pizza. This restaurant was kind of really slow but that was okay because their chairs were comfortable. The pizza itself was mostly cheese and very little pizza but I still enjoyed it. I bought a CD with one gigabyte of Samba music on it. My South American music folder is pretty full now.

There’s this alcoholic beverage sold down here called the Pisco Sour. I’ve never had it of course but it’s made from egg whites, a wine called pisco, salt, and other nasty things. I think it’s funny because it’s really, really, nasty sounding. Egg whites don’t taste good. I bought a cup of white foam covered in cinnamon that looked really scrumptious but then it turned out to be egg white and made my hands really sticky. After spreading the egg whites on a few people on accident I found a trash can. While my egg white problem was happening, Ryan bought himself a giant, llama-less blanket and I found a cool pen. When I was younger I used to collect pens but I’ve out grown that now. I had a ton of pens. It was really cool. Everyone would come over just to look at my pens but I lost all of them somehow.

The witches here don’t let people photograph there llama feti so I haven’t been able to get any photos of those, sorry. Not much is happening. We’re still waiting for the phone; still buying hats.
Good bye.

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