Ryan College Update

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Because Ryan is graduating this May from high school, we have toured many colleges and universities and he has applied to several.  Because we are on this trip of a lifetime, we get news in little bursts.  I am so proud of Ryan (and he will no doubt hate this blog post) he has been excepted at every university (so far) that he applied to – and now he is starting to receive merit scholarship awards ($68,000 from Xavier and $60,000 from Lewis & Clark…).  I am releived that our unconventional lifestyle had not hurt his chances for college and neither did the fact that he was home schooled since kindergarten.  I am also happy that he is still considering  UAF!  I just wanted to brag a bit about Ryan – and hope that somewhere some how it will inspire someone who is doubting that this kind of life will work out.  All the things people said to us about how it could not possibly work out (and made us worry too) – it did!  It worked! 

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  1. Congratulations to Ryan and his parents for a job well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great news!! Congrats Ryan! Of course I’m not surprised, your kids are brilliant.

  3. And Happy New Year to all of you from us in Amsterdam!!! xo, Sara&Jeroen

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